Tuesday, October 6, 2020

6th October 2020 - Beachy Head and Burton Mill Pond

Firstly, I would like to say thanks to work for allowing me to head over to Beachy Head to look for the Lapland Bunting and my thanks to Laurence Pitcher for giving me precise directions on where to look for the bird/s. The previous day there had been two but only one was present today. I arrived around midday and headed straight for where Laurence told me to start looking. It was extremely windy at the top of Beachy Head, I reckon gale force 7-8. After 5 minutes of searching I came across four birders, two of them being Simon Linnington and John Gowers. As edged closer, I was very pleased to see them all watching the bird and it was giving great views, down to c10m. It was so windy, I had to lay down and I watched it happily feeding away for 45 minutes. A lovely bird and another county tick! 

Lapland Bunting, Beachy Head, East Sussex

Once I was home, I made up the hours I had lost by going over to Beachy Head. Early evening, I headed back to Burton Mill Pond where again the juvenile Purple Heron was seen in flight leaving the reedbed on the left of the viewing platform at 18:34 before perching in the willows on the south side of the pond. Unfortunately the light was going quick so not the best views of it perched but better than nothing! 

Juvenile Purple Heron, Burton Mill Pond, West Sussex

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